Meaning of “Kaival”

‘KAI’ means ‘devoid of ‘ and the ‘VAL’ means the name, form, figure, and qualities (satvik guna, rajo guna and tamo guna). In this universe every living entity have a name, form, figure and qualities, so every entity has ‘VAL’. They are therefore perishable and mortal.

‘KAIVAL’ – The creator and controller, of the universe, is ‘devoid of’ the ‘VAL’. Kaival is eternal and immortal and has no birth and death.

‘KAIVAL’ is one and only one omnipotent, omniscient and Supreme Master of Divinity, from the time beginning, middle and the end. Kaival is the Universal God without form, figure, gender, race, and class. Kaival is also beyond our imagination and is indescribable by fifty two alphabets (akshaars). Kaival is the Supreme Master of Divinity and benevolent controller of the entire and infinite universe.

HE has never ever been nourished in a woman womb. As such HE never takes birth through the woman womb. Ultimately HE has no birth and death. HE never ever descends on the earth. Such a Supreme Master of Divinity – “ANSHI – the KAIVAL KARTA” WHO is the most impartial, benevolent, judicious, and compassionate to all the ‘ANSHAS’ and treats them equally well very lovingly, without any virtual bias. HE also endows all the ‘ANSHAS’ with the reward befitting to their deeds of their past lives. HE is all in all regards the desire (sankalpa), deeds and the knowledge. None is equal to HIM in the entire and infinite universe.

*****The pronoun “He” is used to refer to Kaival only to avoid redundancy. It is not to be taken in the literal sense because as mentioned before, Kaival (universal God) does not have a gender.

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